9. Januar 2016

shopware-connect documentation and installation



This interface implements a direct connection from the webshop solution shopware 5 to the cloud solution Fortnox, a comprehensive, affordable system for creating invoices, order confirmations, orders and a full accounting software, completely relized in the cloud. There are more details about this and the other modules on the website Fortnox.


Create and maintain your webshop as usual via the shopware backend.
Backend shopware 1

Start the shopware connect modules over the favorites in your browser:
Browser Favoriten Rückmeldung shopware connect

Nach erfolgreicher Übertragung stehen Ihnen in den Stammdaten Artikel und Kunden zur Verfügung
Fortnox Artikel

Fornox Kunden

Furthermore, the webshop orders where created as a invoice in Fortnox and can then transferred to the also available accounting. You can print the invoice directly into a PDF-file or  send it via email.

Fortnox Rechnungen

All the functions worldwite over the web with your standard web browser, this is CLOUD-COMPLETE.


Only unzip the files an publish them on a website-folder on your shopware host., f.e. ../public/fortnox/..
Or you create a subdomain and redirect this to your folder where you can start the shopware-connect modules, f.e. https://shopwareconnect.your-domain.de/module1.php

Version 1.0

The individual modules were called via a URL, a frontend follows. The URL can be easily stored as a cron job, so that a time-controlled call is made, which transfers the shop orders and master data without any further intervention.

Currently were transmitted:

  • customers
  • invoices
  • orders
  • articles
You can buy it: